Sugaring waxing

Sugaring Waxing

Does Sugaring waxing gets rid of all unwanted body hair?

Realy and truly you can apply sugaring waxing to all your body from your brows to your toes and everything in between.

The next hair removal trend is without a doubt Sugaring waxing, this treatment will captivate you because of its natural properties. 

If you have not heard of sugaring waxing before, the method consists in applying a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and water to the skin and then stripping it off together with the hair. 

The ancient Egyptians believed that a hairless body was a characteristic of status, success and power. They used the sugaring technique as the formula components were easy to obtain and the powerful method was proved to be very effective. 

Does Sugaring waxing hurts less than normal waxing?

The sugaring waxing technique applied by our beauticians extracts the hair in the same direction of hair growth. 

In other words, this technique implies less trauma on the skin and to the root of the hair, much less risk of breaking the hair instead of pulling it off and consequently reducing the prospect of ingrown hairs.

Sugaring waxing is clean and beneficial to your skin!

The sugaring wax is incredibly healthful, it’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic meaning that it does not obstruct your skin pores! 

The formula used by Beauty Dream beauticians creates a paste that has a very high concentration of sugar, creating an environment where bacteria cannot breed in the jar!

Beauty Dream sugaring paste formula gets rid of all undesired body hair and at the same time peels your skin smoothly. 

Peeling means removing dead skin cells. Our sugar paste formula, differently than wax, will not stick to your live/active skin cells, because active skin cells are wet. Consequently improving the health of your skin.

Can Sugaring waxing lead to hair reduction?

Can Sugaring waxing lead to hair reduction?

Again, really and truly it depends on a series of factors, your skin, hormones, etc. Our experience has shown that after certain sugaring waxing treatments, the hair follicle begins to get weaker and more fragile. The hair starts to have a more shallow root and the growth becomes easier to be removed and much less pain are involved in each treatment. As sugaring wax can remove the smallest bits of hair in the skin layer called the anagen, it can lead to permanency with the time.

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The Sugaring wax provides softer skin and longer-lasting results by removing the hair deep from the root.

How can we compare Sugaring Wax to other waxing products and techniques?

Bikini Sugaring wax VS. normal Waxing

Sugaring promotes better skin health, lasts longer, it also can be less uncomfortable if done periodically. 

Sugaring waxing doesn’t cause ingrown hairs, the other way around, it can actually correct them! 

In addition, sugaring wax is a natural exfoliating treatment for the skin and can lead to a constant reduction of hair growth.

Sugaring waxing VS. Shaving

The Sugaring wax provides softer skin and longer-lasting results by removing the hair deep from the root. 

In another hand shaving cuts the hair right at the skin’s surface, producing a sharp end to the hair, that can be felt a few days after shaving. 

Again sugaring wax is also better because it produces a natural peeling, eliminating dead skin cells. That peeling process through the sugaring technique means that you will get a smoothest and healthiest skin and the most delicious experience.

Sugaring waxing VS. Laser hair removal

The laser hair removal is much more expensive and it might not provide the expected results. The laser hair removal may or may not produce everlasting hair elimination if that is your intention in the first place. 

The outcomes differ due to the person varying skin conditions and hair types. 

While sugaring provides smooth results for three to four weeks and is very cost-effective.

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