Cosmelan Peel results

Cosmelan is a professional bleaching depigmentation treatment.

It was designed to eradicate or lessen any skin blemishes acquired of melanic origin while simultaneously evening out skin tone and increasing skin luminosity.

The application of cosmelan inhibits the melanogenesis processes, paralysing the production of melanin for an extended period of time during which the scaling of strateum corneum and the action of the macrophagic cells drags the melanin deposits.

  • Rapid lightening action for dark spots
  • Clarify’s skin tone
  • Improves overall complexion
  • Skin becomes, smooth and luminous in appearance.
Cosmelan results

The Cosmelan treatment

The first part of the treatment consists of a professional mask application treatment conducted by our trained experts in the salon.

The second is the at-home maintenance cream. (included in the purchase price of the treatment)

The two steps act in synergy to increase the treatment’s effectiveness.

They developed from vegetable and chemical origin to guarantee the maximum level of tyrosinase inhibition.

Clients can expect to see significant lightening, reduction or disappearance of melanic spots from the third or fourth week of treatment.

Cosmelan stimulates the skin offering a luminous, pink, smooth and shiny skin appearance.

High in antioxidants, stimulates collagen production and cell renewal, revitalising skin. Skin becomes more luminous, radiant, hydrated and smoothed.

Cosmelan Results image
Cosmelan before and after

Cosmelan Peel

The Cosmelan skin peel is a real game-changer treating pigmentation on darker skin types.

The cosmelan peel results are simply outstanding!
Full treatment includes:

  • Healite LLLT Light therapy
  • Skin preparation procedure
  • Cosmelan peel application
  • 2 Home Care Products:

Cosmelan 2 maintenance cream 30g
Hydravital moisture 50ml
Treatment Price: £680.00 (75 Minute Treatment)

The Cosmelan peel results are more than just a pigmentation treatment, the Cosmelan offers pigmentation removal, skin rejuvenation, increased volume and tightening in the one session.

This Cosmelan has been tested and trialled by trainers and medical partners to see the effects of pigmentation removal plus additional skin tightening/brightening effects.

We found that Cosmelan offers superior results for treating skin laxity, increased volume and skin clarity as well as addressing dermal pigmentation.

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