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Cosmelan peel is a professional topical bleaching depigmentation treatment designed to eradicate or lessen any skin blemishes acquired of melanic origin while simultaneously evening out skin tone and increasing skin luminosity. The application of cosmelan inhibits the melanogenesis processes, paralysing the production of melanin for an extended period of time during which the scaling of strateum corneum and the action of the macrophagic cells drags the melanin deposits.

  • Rapid lightening action for dark spots
  • Clarify’s skin tone
  • Improves overall complexion
  • Skin becomes, smooth and luminous in appearance.

Cosmelan Peel Depigmentation can treat all types of pigmentation including hormone-induced pigmentation such as melasma, chloasma and superficial pigmentation like sun damage, freckles, dark spots.


Cosmelan Peel Depigmentation is for clients with severe hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal factors such as pregnancy, contraceptive pills, sun damage, pigmentation caused by ageing or clients who are suffering from melasma which most lasers cannot treat and needs a powerful peel to treat.


Cosmelan Peel® treatment process begins at your free consultation. The senior skin consultant will assess your skin and answer all your questions. The treatment begins with one pre-peel, one treatment peel and home care regime. Throughout the treatment, you will notice peeling, redness and soreness for 2-4 weeks as the skin is renewing and getting rid of the pigmentation.

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