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Wedding Nails

We can make your wedding nails look better than ever. Wedding nails should be on top of your list if you want it to be perfect on your wedding day. We have a professional nail expert to do your nail design in order to have a modern and stylish look. There are various elements that you can use on your wedding nail art in order to make it sweeter and nicer. In order to get some ideas on adding elements to your manicure, you can ask some help from the nail artist. It is also recommended that you should get your nails done, one or two days ahead of your big day.


Botox also known as Botulin toxin can be described as a purified substance that is derived from bacterium clostridium and botulinum. Botox is made up of bacteria that develop in smoked meats and when injected into the skin, it smoothes it out and repair all facial wrinkles. Botox helps to relax the facial muscles that are responsible for creasing the skin over time. When Botox is injected into the skin, it blocks all the signals from the nerves to the muscles causing it to stop contracting any longer and keep the wrinkles in the face to relax and soften.

Botulin injections are highly recommended for people who wish to get rid of wrinkles on their forehead lines, lines around the eye area (crow’s area) and the frown line. Botox is an injection which is very effective against facial wrinkles; however it is not effective for wrinkles caused by either the sun or gravity. It only takes some few minutes to get a Botox and one real benefit about it is that there is no requirement for anaesthesia. The Botox is going to be injected to the skin with a fine and sterilized needle into only the specific muscles in the face with a little-to-no pain at all.

Usually takes three days to about a week (seven days) to take its full effectiveness. One thing that is able to destroy or reduce the effectiveness of Botox is alcohol; therefore it is advisable to stay away from it for about seven days before receiving the Botox injection. Also it is best to stop using anti-inflammatory medications as well as aspirin substances about fourteen days before going for the Botox injection as this will help to reduce bruising.

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