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Beauty Dream offers various beauty services that all cater to your beauty needs. Following are all the services offered by us:


We can make your nails look better than ever. There is much to be said about the appearance of nails; clean and well maintained nails give off the impression of high standards and confidence. Our manicure and pedicure service can clean, remove deal cells, moisturise, protect, and apply nail polish to bring the most delicate and beautiful side of your nails. We also offer professional nail extensions and their application; they can help elongate your nails. We professionally glue the nail extensions and then follow up with ( Gel, Fiber glass or Acrylic) on top to secure and strengthen it and add a beautiful gloss as well.


Waxing is an effective, semi-temporary way of removing unwanted and access hair from your skin. The term waxing is very well associated with “painful” but with our professional services, we promise this will be a comfortable experience, with the pain only lasting for a couple of seconds at max. Beauty Dream provides two types of waxing: hot wax and strip wax. We can remove all unwanted hair from the following areas: legs, arms, stomach, under arms, upper lips, chin, and bikini line.


To achieve the perfect, aesthetic look, you have to get rid of aging signs. We offer Botox as the perfect solution for giving you radiant and wrinkle free skin. It is an easy process, especially when compared to cosmetic surgery and painless as well. Any part of your face or body that you need to “revive”, Botox can provide.

We also offer dermal filler and dermal roller solutions. While dermal fillers are also used to reduce signs of aging, it is also a wonderful solution if you want to add definition and sharpness to your face. It can plump up your cheekbones, define your chin, and overall sharpen your face.

Facial Treatments

To bring out the glow, natural radiance, and youth on your face, regular facial treatments are essential. At Beauty Dream, we offer various facial options such as facial cleansing acne treatment that can help you get rid of your acne, peelings and pigment restoration to bring out the perfect glow to your face, skin regeneration, skin reforming and much more. Anything that you want to have the perfect, glowing skin – you can achieve it!

Body Treatments

Wanting the perfect body is every girl’s dream. With our professional technology solutions, we can help you achieve that perfect body. Our body treatment solutions include fat burner that can remove fat from areas that are high in fat, or cellulite and skin stretch marks treatment which can eliminate your cellulite and other marks from your skin. We can also clear away whiteheads and provide full body massages to help you relax, unwind, and get body treatments that you deserve.

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