Vitamin A or retinol acts as an antioxidant, smoothing wrinkles and acne gradually.

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VITAMIN A (20 vials of 2 ml): Smoothes wrinkles and acne scars, improves skin hydration and elasticity.
Boxes of 20 bottles of 2 ml

Vitamin A: Stretch marks – Acne – Wrinkles
Vitamin A or retinol acts as an antioxidant, smoothing wrinkles and acne gradually.

Retinol is one of the three available forms of vitamin A, along with retinal and retinoic acid. It is a member of the first-generation retinoid class.

Retinol, another name for vitamin A, is considered to be one of the best anti-ageing actives on the market. However, it requires precautions for use in order to be well tolerated by the skin.

Retinol is the ally of beautiful skin: wrinkles, radiance, pigmentation spots, firmness, acne, it corrects many problems. This ingredient, of natural origin (found in the animal kingdom, particularly in fish oils and fish liver) or synthetic, is part of the retinoid family. It is the active form of vitamin A.

Its properties are to preserve good skin quality. It is considered to be one of the most powerful anti-ageing active agent and has been prescribed to fight acne for a long time.

Characteristics of Vitamin A
It is a great asset in the fight against wrinkles and loss of firmness. First of all, it activates cell renewal like no other (up to six times the normal rate). It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, molecules that form the skin’s support tissue and are essential for its suppleness, elasticity and firmness. By helping to maintain the thickness of the dermis, retinol contributes to the youthfulness of the skin. It is a powerful anti-ageing active substance.

Retinol also fights against free radicals caused by UV rays, tobacco, pollution… responsible for skin ageing and degradation of the epidermis. It also has a keratolytic action that refines the skin’s texture, improves the complexion and texture of the epidermis, and tightens the pores. Retinol also plays a role in pigmentation spots by regulating melanin synthesis. It can act upstream on the formation of spots and as a treatment to attenuate them. It is also interesting for treating oily skin with a tendency to acne because it acts on the production of sebum, reduces inflammation of the sebaceous glands and cleanses clogged pores.