Prophilo Treatment

Prophilo Treatment

What is prophilo treatment?

Profhilo treatment is a highly effective moisturising procedure that moisturises and revitalises the skin. Any drooping or aged tissue is bio-remodeled using cutting-edge technology to significantly improve the skin’s overall appearance. In addition to stimulating and moisturising the skin, this BDDE-free product, which has one of the highest HA concentrations on the market (64 mg / 2 ml), also remodels the ageing and sagging tissue.

How Prophilo Treatment works?

Pure hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin as part of the treatment Profhilo, which is exceptional. In this location, it spreads, moisturising the tissues all around it and supplying the skin with the nutrients it needs to regain its young youthful appearance.

The gradual release of HA at this time stimulates the production of four different forms of collagen and elastin. Significant tissue improvement is seen as a result of the stimulation. Because Profhilo also has a considerable tightening/lifting impact on the tissue, fine wrinkles disappear, and the skin takes on a radiant, healthy appearance.

Profhilo is an injectable dermal filler, although it differs from other dermal fillers. This is due to the fact that the hyaluronic acid utilised in Profhilo is metabolised by the human body, and these processes work in concert to promote the natural creation of collagen and elastin.

In essence, Profhilo skin injections aim to replenish and restore the hyaluronic acid produced in young bodies to provide the appearance of skin that is younger and more remodelled.

In general, it is regarded as a highly effective method for treating skin laxity, provided it is applied by a knowledgeable and competent professional.

Prophilo Treatment duration.

The duration of treatment consists of two sessions, spaced four weeks apart. After around 1 to 3 weeks, you will start to see the results, and the full extent of the results will become apparent about 4 weeks after the second treatment. (The full development of fresh collagen takes around three months).

Who would make the ideal person for Prophilo treatment?

The clinically approved therapy is indicated for people with the following conditions:

Wrinkles (e.g smokers lines, frown lines, crows feet)

Excessive and sagging skin

Dehydrated, parched skin

Skin that has lost its form and suppleness

Profhilo treatments are far more gentle than those with other dermal fillers that produce a more prominent transformation and lifting because the injection replicates the body’s own synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, Profhilo might be the right choice for you if you’re seeking for a discreet treatment that produces youthful and renewing outcomes.

Prophilo treatment is unique!

Profhilo differs greatly from other products now on the market in a number of ways. No BDDE material is present. It undergoes thermal cross-linking, producing stabilised hybrid L- and H-HA cooperative complexes.

Despite having a high HA concentration, it has clinically proven pro-healing qualities and a low inflammatory profile. We must first examine the technology in order to completely comprehend this novel idea in anti-aging treatment.

Profhilo is particularly biocompatible since L-HA is progressively released from the HA hybrid complexes and does not cause the initial inflammatory cytokines to be produced. Additionally, it enhances patient comfort both during and after treatment and hydrates the skin, particularly the epidermis, thanks to the Hydro effect.

Profhilo’s H-HA technology offers a reliable HA architecture in the dermis. This produces the Lift effect, a volumetric signifier.
Increased expression of type I and type III collagen in fibroblasts and type IV and VII collagen in keratinocytes is another benefit of the stable coordinated hybrid compound over H-HA and L-HA.
The dermis and epidermis both experience an improvement in skin quality and hydration as a result. The synthesis of endogenous HA and elastin is also boosted, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

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It’s the best skin booster and ideal for anyone who wants skin that glows, appears plumper, and essentially looks so much younger. 

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