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  • CPD Accredited

    Printed Embossed Certificate


    Upon completion of your online training course, you can request the printed embossed certificate, accredited by CPD and ABT.

    We are also registered learning providers registered with UKRLP

  • Sale! waxing training kit

    Online Waxing Training Kit


    The waxing training kit has been put together for the students of the online waxing training course Lv2.

    The material included in the waxing training kit are:

    • Pre Wax Lotion
    • Cotton Discs
    • Nitrile Gloves
    • Wax – strip wax
    • Wax strip paper
    • Disposable Wooden Spatulas
    • After Wax Lotion
    • Wax Heater
    • Wax equipment cleanser
    • Steriliser/Sanitiser i.e. Barbicide for tools
  • Sale! Cosmelan Peel

    Online Training Chemical Peel Material


    This is the Full Kit with the Material for the Chemical Peel Online Training Course

    The Chemical Peel kit includes:

    ❖ Facial cleanser

    ❖ Facial toner

    ❖ Professional Glycolic Peel 20%,  (We only work with the best brands)

    ❖ Mask brush

    ❖ Facial/massage cream

    ❖ Cotton pads

    ❖ Large bowl

    ❖ Small bowl

    ❖ Facial sponge x2

    ❖ Peel neutraliser

  • Sale! Dermaplaning Blade

    Dermaplaning Kit


    Dermaplaning kit, complete for 5 clients 5 x Professional disposable scalpel 5 x Pairs of Nitrile gloves 5 x Hairnets 5 X Alcohol-Free Wipes

  • Sale! Brow Lamination Kit

    Brow Lamination Kit


    The effectiveness of our lotions makes it ideal for brow lamination, which can be considered as a ‘Brow Lift’. Brow Lamination is an ultimate solution for uniform and full eyebrow shape. Typically, a popular Brow Lamination treatment involving brow lift and tint takes only 25 mins and the treatment will be extended to 45mins if adding in Waxing and plucking.