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Our Brow Lamination & Tinting Training Course is intended to help you give your customers a uniform, full eyebrow shape. 

The Brow Lamination is the latest solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry. 

If the eyebrow hairs follow a mixed pattern, with lamination we can drive the brows in such a way to give the client the desired shape they require.​ This procedure solves the disordered brow issue, builds strength and fullness while giving you a smooth well-kept brow shape for up to 2 months.

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brown lamination Training Course
CPD Accredited

ABT accredited certificate issued on the final course day to all successful students.

Our Accredited Certificate will enable you to apply for Public Liability Insurance, this is required to licensing your working premises in the UK.

Deep Facial Cleanser Training Course

We have a very special way to teach you how to make facial treatments, how you will be making a detailed analysis of your client’s skin, you will be showed how to look for:

The skin’s general condition, texture, colour and secretions on the skin, pore size, any area of shininess, dry flaky patches, comedones or blocked pores or papules, acne rosacea or acne vulgaris, the contours of the face, any loss of elasticity or dropped contours, dilated capillaries, build-up of dead skin cells, horizontal lines in forehead and lines appearing in the nasolabial folds of the month, dehydration, areas of pigmentation and much more.

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Certificate provided at the end of the course.


Price: £480- 5 Days course

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Gel and Acrylic Nail extension training – Lv1

We offer extension Nails training courses without any previous experience or qualification required. In the Gel & Acrylic extension course you’ll learn the application techniques to provide your customers with outstanding results, during the course you will have access to training videos, handouts and a one to one sessions with your tutor to clear all your uncertainties about the techniques. All Material for the training is provided and is included in the costing.

Nail Training Includes:

Nail anatomy and physiology/Nail disorders and diseases/Health and Safety Hygiene/Nail preparation/Size and apply a nail tip/Gel & Acrylic overlay application/The perfect finish techniques/Client after care/How to remove Gel/Acrylic nails Free starter kit include UV lamp.

You also have a choice of only Acrylic Nails training or Gel Nails training individually, each one will be 3 days training and the costing is £330 for each.

Beautician insurance available at the end of the course! (not Inc. in the price).

Beginner Acrylic and Gel Nail Training Course – Price: £580 (5 days training).

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Beauty Dream Fiberglass training course LV -2

This is the best option for the services you can offer to the most demanding clients with their nails. Fiberglass overlay is a very popular choice for applying nail application, however this technique provides you with a nail with a practically perfect finish,

(note that this method provides the best finishing ever, however this technique requires a lot from the student),

That’s why we require the level 1 acrylic and gel training techniques before we can enrol you for this more advanced solution.

This fiberglass nail extension course aims to specialize our students with the most important and up-to-date knowledge in the nail industry.

Techniques gained from this course will give students the ability to apply fiberglass overlays and extensions to create beautiful nails with natural appearance.
Beauty Dream fiberglass training course will show how to apply one of the treatments most desired overlay nails to create amazing results your customers will love the results. You will learn how to apply nail tips using overlapping fiberglass to create a natural look or several different types of finishes.

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Beginner Fiberglass Nail Training Course – Price: £380 (3 days training)

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The Nail Sculpting Technique Training course – LV3

This is  also considered extending the nail, but, this process uses no tip to extend the nail, rather a nail is shaped out of various elements (sometimes an acrylic). This sculpting is really an amazing process and can be done much faster than applying tips if done by a competent technician.

   An imperative part to sculpting with a nail form is to ensure a correct fit. The strength of a sculpted nail is only as strong as the fit of the form.

   Our sculpting nail courses have been specially designed to give you the perfect balance of academic knowledge and the practical skills essential to offer sculptured nail extensions to your clients. The course covers everything from how to extend client’s nails through to repairing them.

We’ll give you some tricks to fitting your form using Nail Forms that have a sculpting grid that allows for design and dimension consistency from nail to nail.

For this course, you’re required to hold an accredited certificate in Gel extension nails or Acrylic extension nails.

You’ll need a LV-2 certificate in Fiber glass Nails in order to enrol in this training.

Sculpture Nail Training Course – Price: £220 (1 days training)

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Accredited waxing training course. Lv-1 – (3 days)

Depilation waxing is the most popular and lucrative treatment a therapist or salon can offer and will always have clients returning.

This treatment will ensure that return of the client every 4-6 weeks.

During this course, you will cover:

Health, safety and hygiene

Anatomy of the skin

Hair structure and growth

Skin disorders and diseases

Contra-indications and consultation

Methods and techniques of waxing

Use of hot wax and warm wax

Alternative depilatory products and treatments

Procedure for waxing legs, arms, underarms, face and bikini area.

Certificate of training will be provided at the end of the course.

This is a course that depends on a lot of care and attention, we believe that for best results in learning the classes are for only one student, where the student has one hundred percent of the attention of the teacher.

All the questions are answered, all the worries resolved, lessons of theory and practice, you will develop the technique of a professional and that will make you feel safe to start working.

Beautician insurance available at the end of the course (not included in the price).

Cost: £330

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intimate waxing

Brazilian and Hollywood hot waxing. (1day)

Waxing LV -1 certificate is required in order to enrol for this training.

Certificate of training will be provided at the end of the course.

Because this is a course that depends on a lot of care and attention.

We believe that for best results in learning and the full benefits of this training the classes are on one to one basis.

That means the student has just one hundred percent of the attention of the teacher.

All the questions are answered, all the worries resolved, lessons of theory and practice during the training day.

You will develop the techniques of a professional and feel safe to start working.

Price: £180.00 – Book your course here!

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