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  • online waxing training

    Online Waxing Training Course


    Waxing treatments are highly popular amongst both men and women.

    The online waxing training course will teach you:

    The theoretical and practical methods required to carry out waxing treatments using warm wax with a spatula and strip method. You will also learn how to prepare for treatment, and give aftercare advice to your customer. We hope that you enjoy the course, and continue to build yourself a successful career as a waxing specialist.


  • Sale! waxing training kit

    Online Waxing Training Kit


    The waxing training kit has been put together for the students of the online waxing training course Lv2.

    The material included in the waxing training kit are:

    • Pre Wax Lotion
    • Cotton Discs
    • Nitrile Gloves
    • Wax – strip wax
    • Wax strip paper
    • Disposable Wooden Spatulas
    • After Wax Lotion
    • Wax Heater
    • Wax equipment cleanser
    • Steriliser/Sanitiser i.e. Barbicide for tools