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To book your appointment: you can call or SMS us on 07882179540 or 02031727091,

but the quickest way to get your booking completed is online at :


Click on the link and you’ll have access to all services, dates and times available, just proceed and make your booking.

Your booking will only be confirmed when you receive an email from us confirming your appointment. Be aware that the confirmation email may be required on the day of your treatment.

The Beauty Dream discounted Coupons are only valid for online bookings, just go to https://beautydream.co.uk/service-booking/,

and proceed with your booking where you’ll be able to enter your discounted coupon code at the payment process.

Wowcher, Treatwell and Groupon

Sometimes we work with Wowcher and Groupon, our Treatwell calendar is open for booking.

If you buy a voucher from Wowcher.co.uk or service from treatwell.com or any other website that is not beautydream.co.uk. Please make sure that you read all the “description” of the work that we’ll provide concerning the deal to avoid disappointment,


The work will be executed exactly in accordance with the “description” of the deal that you’ve purchased,

Please don’t read only the title of the deal as sometimes it can cause misunderstandings.


If you wish to upscale your deal for a more comprehensive service please do not hesitate to contact us AND AN UPGRADE CAN BE PROVIDED.

We always do everything we can to provide the best service.


Timing – Running late or missed appointments.

At Beauty Dream we’ll always be ready for your appointment on time, so please do not come late.

The maximum time that we can allow for the wait is 15 minutes, 

After that, it will be up to the salon manager to check the circumstances and decide if we’re going to be able to see you or not, most of the time someone else will be booked in the next slot of time after yours and is not fair to make them wait if they come on time, so, please make sure that you’re going to be on time, we’ll not make you wait if the customer before you was late.

So please be on time.

You have the right to cancel or reschedule your appointment FREE of charge (ONCE), however, it must be done with no less than 24hours in advance to the time of your treatment.

If you miss you treatment and did not contact us within 24 hours we might be able to reschedule the appointment, however an admin fee will apply (£13).

Find out more.

Cancelling or rescheduling your booking always have to be done in writing (email) (sms) with no less than 24hrs in advance, SMS to 07882179540 or email to info@beautydream.co.uk

You can re-schedule your appointment (once) completely free of charge if you contact us 24 hours before the time of your booking. However, if you need to re-schedule more than 1 time, the (£13) fee will apply.

If you do not formally cancel your booking before 24 hrs a beautician/nail technician will be booked to attend you, and no refunds can be offered in this case.

After the period of 24 hrs, the appointment cannot be cancelled anymore, we might be able to re-schedule after the 24hrs limit, but there will be a service Fee (£13).

Click here to re-schedule your appointment!

If you have a voucher or wowcher and arrived late for your appointment or simply did not attend, you’ll not be able to use your voucher/wowcher to book again, and you’ll lose the amount you paid, as the beautician will be paid for the time that she was booked and was left waiting to attend you.

If your booking was done through our booking system or any other website, and you arrive more than 15min late, it will be the duty of the salon manager to check the scheduling times and decide if we’re going to be able to see you or not, if we’re not able to see you’re still liable to pay (if not paid already) for the hour that the beautician has been booked for you, if you refuse to pay further legal action might be taken against you.


Body Treatments.

All body services are provided with disposable products, make sure that you speak to our beautician regarding any special needs or medical condition. The beautician will conduct check-in your skin previous for the treatment and advise you for the best procedures (for body treatments normally a minimum of 10 sessions is advisable). There may be a full health survey form to be filled previously to the treatment.


For all facials treatments, a full health survey form will be required to be filled, with that in hands the beautician will analyse your skin and advise with the best treatment to obtain the expected results.


Your nails will be done following the health and safety procedures, our technicians are fully qualified and will perform with the best practices in the market.

There is no guarantee period for extension nails, the guarantee that we offer is only in case your extension comes off in 3 days after the work been done we’ll fix it,

That means fixing the only one that came out, not to do all full set again.

It normally does not happen for the extended nails to come off easily (unless you ask for very long nails), but in some cases depending on the kind of work you do (if you deal with any chemicals or manual handling), or the care that you have with your nails, it may happen for the nails to not resist very long time. Our nail technician will be happy to give all information to help you keep your beautiful nail extension and also to maintain the healthy natural nails. For shellac Nails, we give 5 days guarantee.

Dermal fillers, Derma rollers & Botox

For these treatments you’ll be required to fill our health questionnaire and answer the interview questions with our aesthetician, the treatments cannot be done in certain cases and you’ll be advised why, if that is the case, for many people it may require more than one session, be prepared to return within 15 days.


All waxing services are provided with disposable products, make sure that you speak to our beautician regarding any special needs or requests.

The beautician will conduct check-in your hair and skin previous for the treatment and advise you for the best procedures. There may be a full health survey form to be filled previously to the treatment.

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