Brow Lamination Online Training Course

Online Waxing Training Accreditation

ABT + CPD Accredited

Online Waxing Course Accreditation

How does it works?

Step 1: Buy the CPD accredited Brow lamination training course from our website.

Step 2: When you finish the purchase process you will receive an email with the course content manual, course proceedings, a questionnaire, the client consultation form and client aftercare instructions.

Step 3: You need to study the manual and answer all questions in the questionnaire

Step 4: Send the questionnaire back to us.

Step 5: When we receive the questionnaire we will check your answers and if you have got it all right we will send the links for our online video platform and you will be able watch the whole process of brow lamination being done. We recommend the you watch the video at least 2 times.

Step 6: You will perform the brow lamination on someone you know. (Make sure that you fill the client consultation form and take a clear picture before you start, also make sure that you handle the aftercare instructions to your client).

Step 7: You will take another picture when you finish.

Step 8: Send the pictures (Before and After) and a copy of the consultation form back to us.  

What hapens next?

You must use the email you signed up with to send the emails and include your full name and the photos in the last email.

The photos must be close up and clear so that they can be properly assessed. 

No photo grids, please! Just whole, untouched, un-cropped, clear photos!

Once assessed you will be emailed with feedback and be told if you

have passed and how and when you will receive your CPD + ABT accredited certificate.

If you have not passed you will be given clear reasons why and how to improve this so that you can try again.

For a limited amount of time the online Brow Lamination Training Course is on a promotional price of £29

In order to make life easier we have put together all the materials you will need for the course in a single pack, so you don’t need to got to many different places hunting for it. (optional)

What you will learn on the online Brow Lamination Course?

What is brow lamination / Client prep and consultation / Hygiene / Techniques during treatment

Anatomy and Physiology / The Hair Growth Cycle / Handy Hints / Micro-organisms that cause infection

Methods of Sterilisation / Contra-indication / Contra-actions / Patch Testing

Trimming the brows / Tinting the Brows / Waxing the brows / Client Aftercare

Buy the Brow Lamination Online Training Course here:

Buy the Material for the course here:

brown lamination Training Course
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