What advice we give clients before their first Brazilian or Hollywood wax?

Brazilian Or Hollywood? The Brazilian and Hollywood are the most preferred type of waxing by clients but there are some differences between the two that they need to be aware of. What is the difference between Hollywood and Brazilian A Brazilian wax leaves a small strip of hair on the front, with all hair in-between […]

Services at Beauty Dream

Beauty Dream | Services Beauty Dream offers various beauty services that all cater to your beauty needs. Following are all the services offered by us: Nails We can make your nails look better than ever. There is much to be said about the appearance of nails; clean and well maintained nails give off the impression […]

Waxing explained

WAXING is an effective, semi-temporary way of removing unwanted and excess hair from your skin. The term waxing is very well associated with “painful” but with our professional services, we promise this will be comfortable experience, with the pain only lasting for a couple of seconds at max. Beauty dream provides different types of waxing; we […]


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MESOTHERAPY  The term “mesotherapy” can be described as a non surgical cosmetic solution that is widely used with the intention of nourishing, hydrating as well as helping to rejuvenate the skin leading to the stimulation of the collagen. Mesotherapy involves the micro injection of specially prepared active ingredients into the layer of fat and tissue […]

What are Dermal Rollers Treatments ?

DERMAL ROLLER A dermal roller is also known as collagen induction therapy or skin needling. It is simply put as a device that that is outfitted with several surgical grade needles that is highly effective as an underlying action of facial treatment. The user has to simply stimulate or role the dermal roller over his […]